Inspiration for this project started when Steve first traveled to Granada, Spain with his wife Anju. Together they wandered the narrow cobblestone streets and listened as the sound of flamenco guitar echoed from the windows above. Granada is the ancestral home of the guitar, so the instrument is deeply rooted in the culture of the city. Luthiers in this region have influenced the evolution of the guitar for centuries, working closely with flamenco guitarists in contributing to their distinct musical traditions.

Granada has been home to many different cultures. Evidence of Granada’s blended history is apparent throughout this beautiful city, particularly in its most famous landmark, the Alhambra.  Originally a small fortress, it was rebuilt as a Moorish palace in 11th century only to be taken over by the Christians centuries later.  It has been home to Sultans, Kings, and squatters alike throughout its long history. All of these influences have left their mark on the Alhambra. The architecture deserves a careful look, as it is full of fascinating details.  The Moors designed the Alhambra using sacred geometry. The mosaics and carvings consist of endless fractals. Steve was inspired by these patterns and translated them into soundboard bracing patterns and decorative themes that changed his style of building forever.

Since his first visit, Steve has wanted to honor this ancient and inspiring city. Accompanied by young, internationally known flamenco guitarist Pablo Gimenez, Steve will explore Granada’a rich culture, and then create “The Granada Guitar.” This film will document Steve’s experiences, and show the ways in which he reflects the spirit of Granda in a beautiful, unique Connor guitar. In the end, the guitar will be performed by local musicians in the ancient caves that surround the city.

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