This film is a passion project for everyone involved. We are making this film because we believe it is important to inspire creativity. In addition to film festivals and other screenings, we are going to show this film at schools around the country to introduce flamenco guitar to the next generation.

To create this documentary we traveled to Granada, Spain and stayed there for a month. When we arrived everyone was so supportive of our film and presented us with countless filming opportunities. We went to Granada with a dream and left with it more than fulfilled.

None of this would have been possible without a supportive community that helped us reach our Kickstarter goal. Thanks to our backers and our sponsor Augustine Strings we have been able to film everything we need to create this film.

Next step is post production which involves scripting the story, writing/recording voice over narration, translating the Spanish interviews to English, color correction (every frame!), sound editing, editing all these pieces together, and finally submitting the film to festivals and promotion.

All of these steps take a lot of time to do properly and cost money. We are currently applying for post production film grants but if you would like to contribute to the post production of this film directly please contact us directly!



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